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UP launches bigger, better election website for 2016


HALALAN-2016-finalThis January 2016, the University of the Philippines (UP) once again makes history by launching its most comprehensive project to promote informed, clean and honest elections to date.

The launch of the election-focused website dubbed ‘UP sa Halalan 2016’ reflects the university’s mission to work for candidate accountability and an informed voting populace in this year’s Philippine general elections. It succeeds the groundbreaking ‘UP sa Halalan 2013’ project, which saw UP become the first university in the country to launch a website dedicated to election information and analysis.

According to UP President Alfredo E. Pascual, while the previous project introduced pioneering and novel features such as fact checking, ‘UP sa Halalan 2016’ expands these broad horizons. Through the project, UP will engage even more of its faculty members, students, and alumni in foreign universities and organizations.

This engagement will result in analyses of a broad range of issues, from the environment and climate change to poverty and migration, through media and other communication platforms. These issues are vital for the country’s future, and thus, Pascual believes, “to the candidates’ program of government”.

The project is part of UP’s public service mandate under Republic Act No. 9500. In pursuit of this mandate, UP’s constituent universities will also launch their own activities related to the elections that will be announced later. The university has also partnered with the country’s top media networks, such as ABS-CBN and GMA to extend its reach to voters across the nation and the world.

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