Mission and Vision


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The mission of Home Economics is to enhance the quality of day-to-day living of families and consumers and to prepare them to face changes. The CHE views this mission from both a specific focus and the larger societal and ecological perspectives. The dailiness of life involves both intellectual and administrative processes and its study is concerned with theory and practice and with science, technology, and art. It is concerned with issues and challanges facing families which require understanding of societal developments, both local and global.

The CHE addresses both the physical/material and relational dimensions of living and their interaction. Home Economics is the discipline that can lay claim to studying the elements that sustain life - food, clothing and shelter, and that give meaning to life - relationships with the family, among families, between families and the larger community; and as well as examining the interaction and harmonization of these elements. Culture-technology coupling in family life is a fundamental concern of home economics, while values and ideals are integral in the home economics study of families.

Consistent with its mission, the CHE has set for itself the following objectives: 

1. to educate men and women for effective and satisfying personal and family life and responsible citizenship
2. to prepare leaders in the various fields of home economics: home economics education, family life and child development, nutrition, food science and technology, hotel and restaurant administration, clothing technology, and interior design; 
3. to provide leadership in home economics research
4. to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of Filipinos through community, extension and volunteer service programs; 
5. to address the constitutional provision to strengthen the family as the foundation of the nation; and 
6. to enhance appreciation and valuing of home economics.