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The Office of Research and Publications(ORP) through a program scholarly research and publications, serves as one of the key sources of knowledge and innovation in various areas of home economics.The thrust of researches in CHE is towards improving the quality of life of Filipino families, preservation of cultural heritage, and upgrading related industries. CHE promotes researches that are interdisciplinary, mission-oriented, community-based and family-focused with bias towards the underserved.

Researches in the College can be categorized broadly into the following; state of the art; development of a scientific base for life technologies; policy formulation, development and assessment; development and evaluation of projects and programs; development of alternative strategies that may upgrade learning systems, housing, clothing, food and nutrition, child development and family life; development and improvement of instructional materials and methodologies.

ORP formulates and implements policies, guidelines and directions for Research and Creative Work (RCW) activities in CHE in consultation with the College’s Executive Board (CEB). ORP also formulates mechanisms/criteria for evaluation of RCW proposals for submission to Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) and other funding agencies in college-wide or university-wide coordinated projects / programs. ORP appoints ad hoc committee to review RCW proposals and publication materials prior to their submission. The office facilitates dissemination of results of studies to local and international fora.