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Social Entrepreneur, Coffee Expert


Breaking all barriers to achieve what you want in life is one of the greatest achievements one can always do.
Last August 18, 2005, Pacita “Chit” Juan, CEO of Figaro Coffee Shop was invited to be the speaker for the “Go Negosyo” entrepreneurial talk.
I was already familiar with Ms. Juan because she was also one of the speakers during the CSR Convention at the Westin Philippine Plaza (now Sofitel Philippine Plaza) but I wan’t familiar of what has become of her and the words she spoke to us the moment she ventured into the business.
It doesn’t matter how small or big one’s capital is to make a business as long as your heart is there to reach for the desired dream. No matter how hard the business is, this drive will make you who you want to become in the future and venture out still into many things or business you want to establish. This is what it means by breaking all barriers.
Starting it small will someday become a big business. No matter what the business is. Just like Ms. Pacita Juan who started out selling candies at a young age and now who owns a bar and a coffee shop. She also said that even if you know so well that the business you are into is not making it good in the industry; we shouldn’t give up to close the business but to stand up and go on with was started. This barrier might try to stop us from venturing and achieving our dream but with courage to face the fire, the business will prosper.
Having a business that prospers shouldn’t stop us from learning and experiencing new things, new strategies and new lessons. From what we all will be experiencing in and out of the business, this gives us new lessons to take and think about to improve who we are, what the business is, how the business should be managed and so on.
Somehow, Ms. Pacita Juan who looked so sophisticated has passed on so many words to aspiring entrepreneurs and inspired so many of us mostly business students who have that goal to reach our desired dream in the business.
We shouldn’t stop from what we have achieved, the adventure is still on to quench our thirst of new lessons to learned to make our business dream come true.

Today, Ms.  Pacita Juan is the Founder and Marketing Director of ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle and the President of Philippine Coffee Board.

She has been a model to numerous entrepreneurs of the country and continuous to be one for aspiring men and women entrepreneurs.