About the CHE Office of Student Relations (OSR)

The U.P. College of Home Economics Office of Student Relations (OSR) is responsible for the planning and administration of student welfare programs and the supervision and coordination of extra-curricular activities. All faculty serving as advisers of the different student organizations make up the committee with the Student Relations Officer serving as the chairperson. The OSR also facilitates the solution of problems, communicates with the administration the needs of the students, and offers strategies for dealing with issues concerning students. Serving as a link between the CHE administration and the student body, the OSR works for the promotion of students’ social and intellectual development towards the attainment of the College and University goals for academic excellence.

The CHE Office of Student Relations (OSR) was created in September 1979 with its first major work assignment being the coordination of the student orientation of incoming freshmen for the first semester 1979-1980.

Objectives of the Office of Student Relations

The objectives of the CHE Office of Student Relations are:

  1. to encourage activities that will enhance the intellectual as well as the social development of the students;
  2. to promote better relationships between students, faculty, and personnel in the college; and
  3. to develop an active student populace attuned to the goals of the College and the University.

Functions of the CHE-OSR

More specifically, the functions of the Office of the Student Relations include the following:

  1. to ensure that the objectives of the student organizations are in consonance with the goals and objectives of the College and the University;
  2. to coordinate student activities in order to ensure that such activities are consistent with the goals and objectives of the organization and the College;
  3. to provide assistance to students in their non-academic problems;
  4. to bring to the attention of the head of the unit any problem affecting student’s morale or welfare, and recommend remedial measures and solutions thereto;
  5. to make representations or otherwise take such measures/actions as may be necessary for the expedient settlements/resolutions of specific student complaints, grievances, or petitions as are governed by existing rules on student, faculty and personnel discipline.

Organizational Structure

The Office of Student Relations of the UP College of Home Economics is composed of the advisers of the different student organizations in the College and is headed by the Student Relations Officer who is appointed by the College Dean with a term of three years. It is assigned an administrative personnel with the position of Student Activities Personnel to serve as support staff.

All student organizations in the College are covered by the responsibilities of this Office.

The Student Relations Officer reports directly to the Dean of the College, and coordinates with the Office of Student Projects and Activities (OSPA). The OSPA is under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Contact Details

Coordinator: Ms. Nicole Angela T. Jacinto