The College of Home Economics (CHE) was established by the Board of Regents on 27 July 1961. It emanated from the Department of Home Economics of the College of Education, where the discipline was first officially recognized on 12 November 1921, 40 years before the College was established. 

In its beginning years, CHE offered two undergraduate degree programs: BS Food Technology (BSFT) and BS in Home Economics (BSHE), major in any of the following fields: Nutrition and Dietetics; Home Arts; Clothing, Textiles and Related Arts; Family Life and Child Development; Clothing, Home Furnishing and Crafts Merchandising; and Food and Equipment Merchandising. The graduate programs, which started with the university’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, were transferred to CHE’s administration: Master of Home Economics (MHE), Master of Arts in Home Economics (MAHE), and Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition (MSFN).