Department of Home Economics Education
The Department of Home Economics Education (DHEEd) is the oldest department at CHE. Established in 1922 under the College of Education, it is the forerunner of the present DHEEd, which was organized in 1961 when CHE was created.

To develop dedicated home economists who embody the discipline’s knowledge, skills, & values that enable them to empower families and consumers to become effective community members, through quality instruction, research, & extension.

DHEEd envisions professionals who empower Filipino families and consumers to proactively improve their well-being by embodying home economics ideals

                                                                                        Program Learning Objectives of DHEEd Program

Bachelor of Science in Home Economics

  1. Show passion and pride for the discipline from an understanding of the philosophy, history, and principles of home economics;
  2. Demonstrate the teaching and training competencies in formal and non-formal settings;
  3. Integrate broad, meaningful, and coherent knowledge in the different areas of home economics in the home, entrepreneurial, educational, and research settings;
  4. Demonstrate higher level literacy, communication, numeracy, critical and creative thinking, research and learning skills needed for higher learning;
  5. Exhibit values and behaviors reflecting the seven educative goals of CHE especially in the areas of promoting family and child welfare, consumer rights and responsibilities, efficient management of resources, education and training, and entrepreneurial and livelihood development; and
  6. Demonstrate competencies of assessing students according to national standards 

Master of Home Economics

  1. Demonstrate new knowledge and skills in specialized areas of home economics for education and related professions;
  2. Develop ability to conduct independent and original research, and/or to produce other scholarly works/outputs;
  3. Develop a systematic understanding of the home economics discipline that offers solutions for current issues and concerns, especially of Filipino families; and
  4. Enhance organizational and managerial skills in the administration of academic and non-academic home economics programs 

Doctor of Philosophy in Home Economics

  1. Demonstrate mastery of the discipline’s philosophy, values, and praxis to effectively communicate ideas to various audiences;
  2. Show expertise in conceptualizing and conducting independent and original publishable research that promotes the advancement of the discipline and the welfare of the families;
  3. Apply advanced knowledge in home economics in designing, I implementing, and evaluating innovative and responsive home economics programs and policies; and
  4. Demonstrate professional ethics in the practice of the profession.