CHE builds health and harmony for its 62nd Founding Anniversary Celebration

by: Janah Yang

On the 25th of September, the College of Home Economics community unveiled its way in such a grand scheme through the commemoration of its 62nd Founding Anniversary. With the theme, “Laro at Lasang Pinoy,” CHE transformed into a Pinoy Games Festival for one whole day. Driven by Goal 3 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – Good Health and Well-being, the event sought to promote culture, physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, and enjoyment.

Dean Shirley V. Guevarra officially opens the event with her welcome remarks.

After a Flag Ceremony at the Alonso Hall Atrium, the event kicked off with a parade. As the Krus na Ligas Marching Band performed, participants departed the atrium along the CHE driveway and crossed the road to reach the Gusali 2 building, the primary event venue. Upon arrival, two key figures set the tone for the Opening Program. The hosts first introduced Dr. Shirley Guevarra, the College Dean, whose speech imparts the historical significance of the establishment of the College of Home Economics. Subsequently, Dr. Joanne Bantang presented the launch of the Commemorative Recipe Book, Tara, Igma Ta! Kaon Ran!, which comes in printed and digital copies accessible for the Dean and the rest of the attendees respectively.

The next set of activities asked for the involvement of six teams divided from a mix of faculty, staff, and students for a total of 250 participants: the Department of Clothing, Textiles, and Interior Design​ represented the Red Team, the Department of Family Life and Child Development comprised the Yellow Team, the Department of Food Science and Nutrition consisted the Green Team, the Department of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management​ composed the Blue Team, the Department of Home Economics Education made up the Pink Team, and lastly other CHE staff and custodial workers took part as the Orange Team. It commenced with the Recreational CHEer Dance Contest, showcasing various performances by the Pink Team, Orange Team, Blue Team, and Yellow Team. Games were later facilitated starting with “Pinoy Henyo,” which was won by the Pink Team. Following this, teams played “Si Maria ay Mamamalengke” and “Pahabaan ng Linya” with the Orange Team and the Red Team hailed as victors respectively. It also included “Bingo sa CHE!” that aims to complete patterns like C, H, E, and blackout. “Pabitin” concluded the series of games and was prevailed by the Orange Team.

Dr. Joanne Bantang leads the DHEEd and CHE in launching the Commemorative Recipe Book, “Tara, Igma ta! Kaon ran!”

While the sole presence of physical activities and nutritious food aligned with the event’s objectives, CHE also lent its celebration to emphasize the “Pinoy” as the theme specifies. Each game rings a bell for the common Filipino. Moreover, the title of the commemorative recipe book pays homage to three Philippine languages namely Tagalog, Hiligaynon, and Cebuano, and thus supplements the purpose of the book itself to preserve the heritage and traditions of Filipino cuisines.

As the celebration came to an end, the Pink Team emerged as the overall champion. The Blue Team also bagged first place in the Recreational CHEer Dance Contest.

The 62nd Founding Anniversary brought the CHE community together with health and wellness in mind while highlighting Filipino culture and traditions. Overall committee chair Asst. Prof. Justine Trinidad deemed the event a success, attributing this toward active participation in fulfilling the aims of the celebration.

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